2022 Agendas

2021 Agendas

City Government

City of Hornick | 400 Main Street, Hornick, Iowa, 51026 | (712) 874-3374

City Council Members

Scott Mitchell                Mayor                        (Term Expires 2023)

Scott Matthias               Mayor Pro-Tem         (Term Expires 2023)

Julia Byers                    Council                      (Term Expires 2025)

Dustin Johnston           Council                      (Term Expires 2023)

Eric Bebee                     Council                      (Term Expires 2025)

​Mat Andresen                Council                      (Term Expires 2023)                   

2022 Minutes

Lori Teel            City Clerk

Cliff Teel            Public Works

City Staff

2021 Minutes

City Council

The Hornick City Council is comprised of the Mayor and 5 Council members, each elected to serve 4-year terms. Council meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 7pm. 

If you wish to have an item placed on their agenda, contact the City Clerk via email at: cityofhornick@wiatel.net, or in-person at: City Hall, 400 Main Street.

Questions? Call City Hall at: (712) 874-3374.

City Office Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Friday       9:00-5:00