City Council

The Hornick City Council is comprised of the Mayor and 5 Council members, each elected to serve 4-year terms. Council meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 7pm. 

If you wish to have an item placed on their agenda, contact the City Clerk:

Call City Hall - (712) 874-3374   (link to email provided on Contact Us tab)

​​City Office Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Friday       9:00-5:00

City Council Members

2022 Minutes

Scott Mitchell                Mayor                        (Term Expires 2027)

Scott Matthias               Mayor Pro-Tem         (Term Expires 2025)

Steve Holst                    Council                      (Term Expires 2027)

Dustin Johnston           Council                      (Term Expires 2023)

Eric Bebee                     Council                      (Term Expires 2025)

​Mat Andresen                Council                      (Term Expires 2027)                   

2023 Minutes

City of Hornick | 400 Main Street, Hornick, Iowa, 51026 | (712) 874-3374

Lori Teel            City Clerk

Cliff Teel            Public Works

2022 Agendas

Budget & Financial Reports

Current Fiscal Year

FY24 Proposed Property Tax Levy

FY24 Budget

2023 Agendas

City Government

2021 Agendas

City Staff

2021 Minutes